Roomba 890 & Roonba 690

Roomba 890 & Roomba 690 are iRobot’s newest released robot vacuum. These vacuums are both connected to Wi-Fi, so the owners will still be able to control them even when not in the same room as the robot, start and stop them and even for scheduling the cleaning. In addition, these robots are compatible with Alexa of Amazon and Google Home so they can be commanded via these voice assistants.

Some of the amazing features is that they are easy to control and command. Roomba allows its user to ask its status and location, command it to clean a specific room, tell the vacuum to return to its storage and many more. The Roomba app also lets the user control multiple vacuums that should be assigned with different names. The robot comes with a remote control in which you can use to set a number of pre-programmed cleaning setting for whatever cleaning situation you need.

These robots being wi-fi operated make work even easier and with just the app, you don’t really have to be where the robots are to do the command so work is way much easier and can save you time to do other things at home.

Many people who have tried the iRobot Roomba 880 claims that it is comparable to a reliable housekeeper. This machine is indeed a great choice for busy people who just don’t have the time to clean their home. This is also reliable aid for people mostly house moms who just have too much house chores to do. However, there are also some of the downsides of this machine. Although it recharges by itself, many complain that its battery life doesn’t last long enough. Other people claim that if you have a dog that sheds a lot, the unit is not ideal since the device clogs and lacks quality suction and so they needed to be emptied often for it to vacuum efficiently again.