Vacuuming Sucks! Cleaning Robots to the Rescue

No one ever wants to live in a house full of dust that is why vacuuming is a must. But, does anybody actually enjoy the bloody chore of vacuuming the whole house? I don’t think so. Vacuuming sucks. Literally. Who wouldn’t want a robot who can do the bloody chore for you? In this highly advanced world where technology eases almost any human work there is, why not make the most out of it?

According to iRobot’s CEO, 20 percent of the worldwide vacuum market is comprised with robot vacuums which can do a range of vacuuming chores. These vacuum robots costs from $1oo to more than $1000 depending on the capacity of the robot. Before purchasing vacuum robots, you need to know and decide what you need in a robot vacuum. Take note of the capacity, size and if you want a simple or a heavy-duty one since these things determine how much the unit will cost.